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Looking for:

  • cut and sew experts?
  • contract stitching
  • creative design?
  • quallty sewing?
  • on-time order delivery?
  • new product development?


Just Sew has broad experience in bespoke sewn productscut and sew manufacturing, contract manufacturing and industrial sewing.

Product DevelopmentAs a company, we enjoy the creativity of transforming a new design concept or prototype into a quality product.

Just Sew provides contract cut and sew product manufacturing services. Expert machinists can make

  • Prototype products
  • Prototype design
  • Prototype clothing
  • Sample sewing
  • Garments to order


Safety SignSafety Clothing

Customized industrial sewing is a speciality when performance and reliability involves industrial health, safety regulations and reliable performance.

This applies to high visibility (hi viz) safety jackets & safety vests for the building and other high risk service sectors such as the ambulance and fire rescue services.

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relabelling-compfotolia_55520947-300x204A small sample of skills and projects offered are:

  • cut and sew design development
  • manufacturing sewing
  • design service
  • Bespoke fabric sourcing
  • tax tabbing
  • corporate clothing
  • cutting and trimming service
  • packing and bagging service
  • garment labelling
  • re-labelling
  • trouser hemming
  • repair contracts (flexible manufacture)
  • badging
  • commercial sewing

    custom G-rope

    Grip Rope or G-rope by Just Sew and Knit Ltd.

  • sewing assembly


Bespoke Covers

  • canvas covers
  • machine covers
  • PVC covers
  • cage covers


To enquire about how we can assist you with a custom sewing or product development project:

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